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"There is a hole in the bucket, Dear Liza, Dear Liza.
It is deep and unknowable and leads to other worlds then these.

This has been Traffic!"

Carlos stares at the new portal. Rubbing his chin in thought and inserting the correct number of "Hmms" for the situation. This one gets three - both for the unusually deep color and the convenience of location. Right in the lab wall! Who doesn't love an inscrutable void right where they can study it? If they find the source, he will have to remember to thank them.

Assuming they are capable of comprehending human language.

He nods, grabs a clipboard, and begins scribbling notes. Which is a very important step of the Scientific Process.
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*** - Complete
# - Current
% - Inactive (I will mark this for posts not updated in two weeks or so)
!!! - Mature/ Trigger Warning

Welcome To Night Vale

Observer/Devourer AU - !!!

(TW: Gore, body horror, dub con, pwp, Eldritch abominations, tentacles - REALLY AWFUL THINGS - 18+)

  • A Case of Ocular Abomination - *** -  Cecil's human. Probably. Carlos... used to be.
  • Redecorating *** - Strex starts their "Redecorating" early (Also playing Lauren)
  • Devouring*** - Carlos and Kevin are trapped in the House That Doesn't Exist. Is it a nightmare? Or something worse?
  • Binary - # - Carlos wakes up. Things are very Not Okay.
  • Managing (Lauren Mallard) - # - Everything is Under Control. EVERYTHING.

Saint Erika's AU - !!!

In which Carlos and Cecil are professors at a posh private boarding school.

(TW: Smut, Body Horror, Dub-Con - 18+)

  • Hallowed Halls and Vine-Draped Walls  -  # - A new professor joins the staff of Saint Erika's. Rumor has it he's a radio star, though he gets pretty tongue-tied around the Science head.
  • Woolgathering***  - Side Story - One Cecil Palmer keeps drifting off in class. His professor is not amused.
  • Whispers - *** - There are whispers about these caves. About whispers that come from the caves. About people who go in, and never come back out...
  • St. Rex - drabble by angelofsaturday for St. Erika's rival school - Kevin did what any reasonable, sane person would have done.
    He ran.

w/ Cecil Gershwin Palmer


  • Purple - w/ Roland, Dark Tower - There's an unscheduled hum in Night Vale and a gunslinger comes to town...
  • Drink the Gatorade - % - w/ Xander, Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Carlos and his new intern (since when does Night Vale labs have an intern program?!) try to evade Migrating Librarians! 
  • City Council banned door knobs - % - w/ Bruce Banner, Avengers - A new scientist joins Night Vale Labs!
  • Broken Glass% - w/ Yg'baladoth, OC - A small blonde girl appearing from nowhere projecting sonic screams? Must be Tuesday.
  • Shocking Developments - % - w/ Professor Oak, Pokemon - There's been a rise in electric mice attacks around Night Vale... naturally this calls for scientific investigations!
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I play Carlos as "Only sane man in the room going native." I developed him before his role expanded on the show, heavily based on "Condos" and Cecil's descriptions.

So, my Carlos ended up developing a little differently then canon. Really more AU. I LOVE Dylan's performance, but I enjoy the "Sane man" dynamic too much to give up!

This has been Traffic! :D


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Night Vale centers around a radio program, hosted by Cecil Palmer. I sometimes use the broadcasts in Carlos's threads. Here is an example: 

Welcome to Night Vale. Our top story: Alligators - Can they kill your children? Yes. Wait... yes.

If you would rather I drop the purple, or keep the radio in the background, please let me know!
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